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Welcome to Cahaya Lampu


One says a lamp is just a lamp!
A tool of lighting.
But for us, a lamp is an art statement.
It is an art piece with a power to create an ambience.


Our products are the reflections of how we see and feel about lamps.

Our place is where you can find uniquely designed, beautifully detailed and nicely done lamps.

As we strive to both satisfy our growing customers’ needs and individual requests, we also keep our passion to make our signature lamps.


We provide a wide selection of lamps, ranging from table lamps, floor/standing lamps, wall lamps to ceiling lamps.

We are able to turn anything into a lamp, whether it is a vase, ceramic, artwork, figurine, or anything that you can imagine.

We provide customizations of lamps and lampshades based on your request.


Last but not least, we love to reuse and to recycle.

So please please please never throw away your old lamps.

We will fix and restore them, giving them a new life and bringing back their beauty.


We are here to serve you for anything to do with lamps.

We are the heart of lamps!